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Staff Information

Staff Expectations and Procedures

  • All APS staff must complete the APS Facilities COVID-19 Self Screening which will be sent out every morning via APS Email
  • Staff must exit their vehicle wearing a mask covering the mouth and nose.
  • Staff will walk directly to their classroom and be ready at the door to allow student entry at 7:25 am.
  • Staff will be required to limit their movement in the building and keep track of where you go and who you talk to. 
  • While maintaining appropriate distance, staff will greet students as they arrive. At this time you should request that students use the provided hand sanitizer and check for masks. Also, monitor students for symptoms that are readily apparent such as cough, difficulty breathing, or fatigue/lethargy.
  • Staff may exit the building after sanitizing their workstations and using hand sanitizer.

  • Masks are required to be worn on campus until staff enter their vehicle to leave.

  • Furniture will be arranged in the classroom to allow for social distancing. Furniture will be marked to indicate unused areas. Furniture will not be removed.

  • Student desks must all face the same direction.

  • All classrooms have a sanitation tote. Teachers will wipe down occupied spaces after each use.

  • No sharing of books/equipment/supplies. Students will bring their electronic device to class with the charging cable and headphones. 

  • Whenever possible, leave doors and windows open for increased ventilation.

  • There is no eating in classrooms during class time. Each teacher may use their own discretion to determine if they will allow students to eat in the classroom for medical reasons .

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available to all students and staff in each classroom. When possible, distribute hand sanitizer as students enter the classroom and in between activities.

  • Custodians will clean and sanitize high touch areas in classrooms every evening.

  • The staff lounge seating area is closed, however, the kitchen area is open for food preparation.

  • Staff may also pick up their mail, however most communication will be done electronically.

  • Social distancing is required when preparing meals or cleaning up.

  • Staff must sanitize the kitchen after use; wipes are provided.

  • Adhere to the posted occupancy limits.

  • If you need to speak with someone in administration, please check in with the respective clerical for that office.