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February 19, 2020 / March 11, 2020

Newspaper – March 11, 2020

All APS Schools to Start on the Same Day:

Aug. 12 , 2020

2020-2021 School Year
During quarantine I have been spending a lot of time with my family because family is the most important thing in life. We have been doing family game night and we play board games. Other nights we have family movie night and we watch movies together. IG
 Since COVID prevents us from traveling, I haven’t been able to go to my hometown and visit my grandma. I am so sad I can’t see her cause she is like my best friend. So I have been calling her every day.IG                                                                            
We have been going to the mountains a lot and going fishing there. It’s called Jemez. It’s really beautiful and peaceful. IG
Another thing I have been doing is helping my mom cook dinner every night for our family. I love learning how to cook and getting recipes from my mom. In this picture we are making Sopapillas. IG

Volcano View Newspaper


"Here is the one pic I had time to take during the Soar Thru…It speaks to exactly how I feel as the principal of Volcano all the time (not just in the midst of global pandemic)."



Dr. Vickie C. Bannerman, Principal

Volcano Vista High School

STUDENT Photo Essays

There is a story in YOUR house right now!

Take pictures to tell your COVID-19 story.

What kind of story do you want to tell?

Be creative!  Have fun!

It's Great to be a hawk!

Photo credit: Madison Perea

VVHS Engagement Initiative: This Hawk Soars

A campaign to increase student engagement in weekly learning, class chats, build school spirit, and encourage community support.

From over 280 staff nominations, 50 students won HAWKS SOAR prize packets created by Student Senate, DECA, and Parent Advisory teams. Winning students were selected by a random number generator.

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